What is the TerraClean System?

This is relatively new concept and was introduced in the UK in 2012. TerraClean is simply a system of decarbonising vehicle engines. The result of removing the carbon build up from the years the vehicle has been in operation has a positive impact on the engine’s performance. More specifically, the improvements to emissions and fuel consumption makes a TerraClean service a worthwhile investment.

How does TerraClean work?

It was in fact, discovered by accident when Canadian scientists attempted to create a low emissions internal combustion engine. The engine in question had very little evidence of carbon build up but was not economically viable to run on the chemical solution developed. However, after reverse engineering the process, the scientists then began to consider how to develop this into a system to decarbonise the entire fuel system – TerraClean was this system.

TerraClean Service at Docherty’s

As an official operator of the TerraClean and TerraDiesel system, I can offer a TerraClean engine service to customers in and around Leicestershire. I already have several satisfied customers and advocate this system as part of good vehicle maintenance to service the engine and fuel system every few years. Being an authorised TerraClean service centre means that I am part of the vision to bring this service to customers all over the UK. If you are from Leicester or elsewhere in the Midlands and would like to know more, please contact me for more details.

If you want to read more about the system, how it was developed and about the company who are bringing it to the UK, visit the TerraClean website www.terraclean.co.uk